Wake up to 45 Years of Coffee & Tea Packaging Innovation


Coffee Clients Trust Us

After 45 years of innovation, our packaging machines have become the go-to choice for 1 in 3 coffee roasters worldwide

From our simple beginnings in 1977 as a single lane packaging machine designer and manufacturer for coffee, ActionPac has continuously evolved by integrating customer feedback and industry advancements.

Automated Packaging Solutions for:

Coffee Beans

Any roast. Any blend. Even green coffee is our specialty.

Ground Coffee

Dry, moist and everything in between, we have a solution to handle every style of ground coffee.


Whether it’s ground or whole leaf tea we have a variety of solutions that provide a stressfree automation experience.


Need to package fine powder products, ike Chai, which complement coffee? We’ve got you covered.


Supplements are nothing new. Whether bulk packaging or small singleuse packs, we have the solution.

Other Particulates

Doing more than just coffee and tea? We can help. We have systems for virtually every market and can custom design to reduce costs, increase profits and provide a pain-free automation experience.

Our Leading Coffee Innovations


Weigh and Fill Packaging

  • Highest accuracy and speed for coffee weighing and filling.
  • Cutting-edge weighing system for unmatched quality.
  • Easy-to-use interface for optimal user experience.
  • Designed to handle large volumes of coffee
  • Unrivaled reliability and durability.
  • Built to last for maximum longevity
  • Touchscreen panel available (2024 is the last year for the keypad version)
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See the ME109 & Multi109TM in Action


High Volume Packaging

  • 40-60 fills per min.
  • Conical hopper with product detection system (load cell) 
  • Adjustable vibrating upper distribution cone.
  • Radial feeders with precision speed adjustment.
  • Quick disconnect holding buckets & weight buckets.
  • System includes auto zero, auto clean & auto empty feature to make start up, changeover, and end of day procedures a breeze.

See the Micro420 in Action

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Vacuum Loader

  • Eliminate manual transfer  of bulk coffee with ease.
  • American made stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Designed to handle ground coffee, brittle dark roast beans, & green beans.
  • Improves workplace efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduces risk of workplace injuries.
  • Automatic loader saves time and streamlines coffee  processing
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See the ActionVacTM in Action


Bag Sealer

  • Perfectly seals any style of coffee bag every time.
  • Can handle the toughest packaging materials.
  •  Equipped with advanced technologies for precise sealing, including a powerful motor and adjustable speeds and temps.
  • Extremely reliable and ergonomic for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • 100% made in the USA for top-notch quality.
  • Can handle large volumes of coffee bags with ease.

See the Micro420 in Action

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AP360TM, AP310TM, AP210TM

Linear Poucher

  • Cutting-edge technology for effortless bag opening, filling, printing, and sealing.
  • Saves time and effort for maximum efficiency.
  • Consistently fills bags to the right level every time.
  • Eliminates manual labor and delivers consistent results.
  • Say goodbye to inconsistent bag filling.
  • Uses the latest technology for unmatched performance and reliability.
See the AP360TM, AP310TM, AP210TM in Action
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Flagship ME109 Showcase

We stand behind our equipment, with courtesy support forever.

At ActionPac, our commitment to your success goes beyond the sale. We stand behind our equipment, with courtesy support forever. Whether you purchased your machine from us or not, our team is here to help you every step of the way. With ActionPac, you can trust that you’re not just getting top-of-the-line equipment, but also a partner for life.

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