Client Services Policy

Field Service

External Distribution

This is Actionpac’s current policy for Field Service within the department of Client Services; it is subject to change without notice.

Field Service is a billable service product that Actionpac offers. It is intended to resolve complex issues, provide dedicated service and handle time intensive work. It is one of two channels within the Client Services Department, the other being Tech Support. You can find it at Tech Support Policy.

Field Service is billable with pricing based on hourly labor and any associated costs such as travel, per diem, lodging, etc. The rates are published annually or semi-annually based on market conditions and inflation.


  • Installation and Training Packages for new products (remote or onsite). 
  • Train personnel (remote or onsite).
  • Onsite Field Service packages.
  • Retrofit, modify already installed products.
    • Program Updates.
  • Relocate product from original installation site.


  • Customer account current with no open balance.
  • Actionpac will make all travel arrangements for its employees.
  • Scheduling subject to Technician availability.
  • First Come, First Scheduled.
  • Timeline from payment to Tech dispatch is a minimum of 2-3 weeks.
  • Expedited service may be available with surcharge, subject to availability.


  • 100% Prepay required to schedule Technician.
  • 2-3 week scheduling timeline for NON-LOCAL travel.
  • Subject to Purchase & Use Agreement.
  • All service orders are non-negotiable and non-refundable.


1 Week Turnaround: +25% of total invoice amount.

Day Turnaround: +30% of total invoice amount.

12-36 Hr. Turnaround: +50-65% of total invoice amount, subject to availability; extra overages may apply.


If you no longer require an Onsite Service Call your account will be credited the full amount minus a 20% Cancellation Fee as well as any penalties associated with the cancellation of booked flights, hotel rooms, rental car, etc.

Changes, post schedule confirmation will have a 5% Change Fee applied in addition to penalties for changes to previously booked flights, hotel rooms, rental car, etc.

Changes or cancellations within 72 hours of the scheduled service call will be charged an additional 15% Late cancellation or change fee.

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