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This is Actionpac’s current policy for Tech Support within the department of Client Services; it is subject to change without notice.

Tech Support is a courtesy Actionpac extends to customers that have purchased a new product directly from Actionpac. It is one of two channels within the Client Services Department, the other being Field Service. You can find it at Field Service Policy.

Our Courtesy Tech Support channel is meant for infrequent use and intended to resolve minor technical issues as well assist with common concerns that may arise during the course of normal use by adequately trained onsite operators.

Actionpac extends Courtesy Tech Support with the following terms and conditions:


  • New Product purchased directly from Actionpac, original purchaser of the product.
  • Products which have been previously installed with trained personnel.
  • Requests via Actionpac Web Form Only AP Customer Service – Website form.


  • Remote assistance with product help of a technical nature for general use and operations.
  • Help and support from an Actionpac Technician via phone, facetime, zoom or similar.
  • Matters which can be resolved remotely within a reasonable time as determined by Tech.
  • Troubleshooting, calibration, set new programs, warranty part replacements.


  • New personnel training, anyone not present at Field Service Installation.
  • New product installations.
  • Third party sales, resale products, used equipment.


  • Subject to Technician availability.
  • First Come, First Served.
  • Technicians may determine the issue can’t be resolved remotely and will transfer the Ticket to Field Service to schedule an onsite call.

Due to the nature of Actionpac’s products and services it is not intended for nor should be relied on as a replacement for trained, competent operators. Actionpac reserves the right to revoke courtesy support at any time. In some instances Actionpac may decline to continue offering courtesy support until after the client has completed a paid Field Service call.

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